Want to Be Smarter? TOP 9 Methods to Train Your Brain

Do you want to be smarter and think faster? You have to train your brain! Look! You always visit gym to train your body. You go running every morning and visit dance classes once a week. That’s so cool! Last weekend you visited Washington and nearby cities. You took a car from Enterprise car rental DCA and booked a hostel with the help of your smartphone app. It wasn’t money-taking as you could find the best rental agencies to deal with. Was it difficult for you to plan your trip? If you don’t have problems with planning that means you have a sharp brain.

Do you want to train your brain to be smarter? Here are useful advices to help you to find your own effective way to boost your mental activity even if you are always busy and have no free time for exercises.

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  1. Find good friends

There is an interesting theory that every person imitates people he/she is close with. The theory says that we always try to spend much time with the people who share our interests and complete us. Just think back about 5 close people you spend the most of the time with. You have similar interests, life views. Communicating with smart and generous people you become smart and generous too. So, it is time to think about your environment.

  1. Relax and close your eyes

When you feel tired and sleepy, you brain cannot work well and you becomes an ineffective society member. Stress, anxiety, tiredness falls your creativeness and smartness down. Our brain needs much energy to work and function well. If you are always in stress, your IQ level falls down. So, every time you feel tired, try to close your eyes and relax. There are many interesting breath practices that help people to relax and feel better. You can try it even in the car.

  1. Read more

The power of reading is quite obvious. Reading improves your speech, and enchants your brain. You learn many different ways to express yourself with the help of new words. You read about historical facts, new places, people-to-people relations. This makes you an interesting person and smart speaker. Of course, reading classics or philosophy, or even psychological thrillers will work betteryou’re your brain training.

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  1. Healthy food

You are what you eat and this is not a secret for modern people. Whenever you eat you feed your body and brain. So, did you use to eat sandwiches for dinner? You’d better try nuts, salmon, tune fish. Omega-3 is what you need to feed your brain.

  1. Play games

You already know that the best way to make you smarter is training. When it comes to brain training, you can find many different and interesting games. How does it help? Different tasks and problematic situations keep your brain up. When you are focused on your task or problem, you try to analyze, conclude, find the way out. There are many easy-peasy games, so-called brain trainers. They train your logic, fast thinking, and attention. You should try Sudoku, puzzles, brain twisters.

  1. Train your body

Training your brain, don’t forget to train your body. It would be absolutely ineffective to work on your mental development if you paid no attention to your physical condition. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend the half of your day in the gym. Not at all! It is enough to do everyday exercises to keep your body fit. Physical activity lightens the work on your brain. 15 minutes are enough!

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  1. Practice handwriting

Modern life is impossible without using gadgets. People used to write messages with the help of their keyboard. How did you last time use a pen? When did you write letters, dictations, diaries? It is a right time to ride your pen and start writing every day when you have a free minute. This is one of the most effective methods of brain training – handwriting. Your braid works when you focus on what you are writing. Every word and a single letter makes you think.

  1. Change activities

It is not a secret than new experience and new activities are useful for your brain. It is really inspiring! Of course, modern life is impossible without planning. You have to plan almost every your step to keep in mind everything you should do during the day, week. Don’t be so scrupulous. Change your activities, add something new every day even you didn’t plan that. New activity makes your brain work faster and in different direction.

So, here we go! You know 8 simple and effective methods to make your brain work well. Almost all these methods are good even when you are traveling or driving a car to get to the office in the morning. Try what you like the most and never stop training!

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