Top Tips to Improve Enterprise Data Protection

Data breaches are becoming more and more common. You can’t watch the news these days without seeing a story of some large multi-national company that has had its data hacked and details of its customers and clients stolen. But having data stolen is only one aspect of data protection. Losing data can also be a major problem for your business and can lead to loss of revenue, customers, and take up vast amounts of employee time to rectify.

The question is, how do you protect your business data and how do you ensure that if there is a problem it can be easily fixed?

This is where a good enterprise backup solution comes in. But before we discuss how you can protect your data, let’s first have a look at what can happen if you don’t.

What Issues Can Happen if I Don’t Protect My Data?

  •       Legal liability. If data is lost, or worse, stolen, then you could be legally liable for compensation and fines.
  •       Loss of customers. If you lose your customer data not only will you damage your brand, but you may lose vital contact information for your customers. If you can’t contact your customers, then you may start losing valuable revenue.
  •       Data breach vulnerability. If you don’t have adequate data security measures, then you risk sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands.
  •       Time and effort. If you lose business data, it can take hours of manpower to get your business information back to the level it was at before it was lost.

How Can I Protect My Business Data?

There are many things you can do to protect your data.

  •       Don’t Keep Data. This may seem like a simple solution but if you don’t keep sensitive data, then you can’t lose it. We’re not saying don’t have any information at all, but just think, “Do I really need this data?” before storing it. If you stay on top of the data you have this way, you will reduce the risk of suffering a data breach.  
  •       Encrypt your data. Using the right software (and sometimes hardware) will ensure all your data is encrypted. Encrypted data is of little use to anyone outside your business who does not have the means to decrypt it. 
  •       Get a good quality firewall. Firewalls are your first line of defence against data breaches. A good firewall will help you prevent unauthorized users from accessing your data.
  •       Setup routine automatic backups. By far and away the best method of preventing data loss is to make sure you are backing up your data regularly. The right enterprise backup solution that performs automatic backups at the right times for your business will stop you losing vital information and, if something does go wrong, allow you to rectify any problems more easily. 

The Final Word: Get an Enterprise Backup Solution Today

Data protection is not something that can be ignored in the modern era. A good enterprise backup solution is essential to make sure that your data is protected and, if any issues do arise, the impact they have is minimal. Backup solutions come in many shapes and sizes as well as costs, so finding the right one for your business is essential to ensure that you are not only protected but keeping costs low.

If you make sure you have the right enterprise backup solution as well as following some of the other tips in our guide above, you will minimize the chances of losing data and keep your business protected, safe, and, more importantly, generating revenue.

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