The Must Sees of Moscow: A Visitor’s Guide

Moscow’s not a traditional destination for tourism – for some people the shadow of the Cold War still hangs over Russia, while others think of it as a cold country with a hostile climate and look for holidays in sunnier climes.

Moscow is in fact a modern European city that can repay a tourist interested in art, culture and cuisine in droves! If you are concerned about the legendary Russian winters, planning a trip that simply avoids the coldest times of year will leave you able to explore a fascinating city at your leisure: Moscow has a deep history and a fascination with the modern. Whatever you look for in a city break, you’ll find here. Today we’re taking a look at some of the highlights,


One of the things you must make time for during your visit is the Zurab Tsereteli Museum and Studio. Tsereteli is Russia’s premier artist, from a young man making his name with municipal projects to one of the ways Russia relates to the rest of the world: gifts of his art have helped to establish and firm up diplomatic links all over the world!

The museum in Moscow isn’t just a static exhibition of his works. It’s also a working studio: you can see people at work, prototype pieces, and new works being assembled. The grand size of many of Tsereteli’s projects means it’s as much like watching a grand industrial process as an artist’s studio and it’s well worth your time!


If you’ve come to Moscow looking for evidence of the pre-revolutionary days of the Czars, the backdrop to the careers of literary giants like Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy and Chekhov, then Oblomov can quite literally offer you a taste of those heady days.

With generous red velvet chairs, traditional pechka ovens and even a pet parrot that’s been taught to speak in famous Russian literary quotations, stepping into Oblomov is like stepping back in time. It’s far more than just a novelty restaurant though. The menu offers traditional, reasonably priced food that’s well executed in the kitchen. The borscht is one of the highlights, and comes served with half a dozen miniature meat pies!

Whether you’re catching a quick lunch or settling in to enjoy a more substantial dinner, Oblomov is one of the places you must visit when you’re in Moscow for it’s unique atmosphere and window on the past of this storied city.

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