The Best e-Learning Apps for Businesses in 2019

Amanda is an executive and HR manager in a multinational company in Canada. She is aware of the fact that modern businesses have to thrive and grow in the fiercely competitive market.

In due course, she used to prepare various training sessions and courses along with the help of her assistant HR professionals in her department. She knows the power of eLearning and how to leverage advanced technologies.

Similarly, Sarah is a technical engineer in an enterprise operating in Australia. She has a passion for learning new technologies and tools. Sarah uses “Sydney Uni. App” published by the University of Sydney in Australia. The app provides various vocational training courses, guidance, technology updates, certificates, diplomas, and degrees throughout the life of registered students.

Apart from educational institutions, the corporate world also interested in leveraging the modern web and mobile technologies for eLearning. Businesses have several constraints to learn even essential things. However, eLearning mobile apps is a great way to have microlearning through bite-sized content while on the go. Let’s check at least nine ideal example-apps out of a plethora of eLearning mobile apps for businesses.

1). Moodle Mobile

If you are tech-savvy, you might have familiarity with Drupal as a CMS platform favorite for education web portal development. Drupal is a fork of the Moodle platform. Its mobile version gives the best LMS (Learning Management Software) experiences even for higher ED and enterprise-level organizations to prepare the training/educational courses. It is available on both iOS and Android platform.

2.) WordPress

WordPress is a highly reputable open-source PHP-based web development platform. It has an incredible mobile app to host everything a CMS can do for eLearning. It allows to do writing content, editing, posting, commenting, adding visuals, and reporting, and all with better user experiences.

3). Apple Keynote

It is Apple’s great contribution towards eLearning niche. It provides all the tools you find in PowerPoint to create a presentation on the go. You can save the presentation on Cloud storage like iCloud or Dropbox as well as export the presentations in various consumable formats.

4). iTunes U

It provides a vast library of instructional content accessible through free or paid accounts. It consists of built-in business and skill development courses as well as let the business to create own customized courses and distribute among the employees or customers with free to restricted access. It is available on iOS mobile devices only.

5). Udemy

At present, it gets momentum due to its immense capacities to create a great eLearning culture by providing essential nuts & bolts. It makes employees more productive and progressive. The most auspicious thing is that you can get assistance from industry experts and professional consultants through Udemy Academy.

6). Skill Pill

It is famous for providing bite-sized training video eponymous as ‘Pills,’ and when video aims to improve the skills, it called Skill Pills. It covers a range of topics including customer service to management, sales, and marketing. It also allows the business to prepare custom courses and you can use its rich libraries after paying a fee.

7). BoostHQ

It provides a bit different eLearning approaches for businesses to share the content among a broad audience publically & easily. For detailed information sharing, you can take private routes and allow some personalization for training and updates. It has a centralized resource library and permits to initiate group discussion.

8). Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

It is another popular LMS and with tons of utilities for corporate learning. It enables business and its staff to arrange web conferences and participating in 3rd party conferences too. It has rich UI with impressive features such as chat, view whiteboard content, prepare and show presentations, and arrange live QA sessions. It provides both the iOS and Android App Development Company.

9). Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

As its name suggests, it provides an interactive platform to share whiteboard in real-time. It allows to create animations, record audio-video lessons, annotating images/photos and integration of social networking sites. It provides a tool to create simple to complex lessons on general to technical topics quickly and effectively.

10. E.Learning Age

It is a popular UK-based magazine’s mobile version available on iOS and Android platforms. It provides news, case studies, and research papers on eLearning topics. Publications in the magazine are available on the mobile application. It allows you to bookmark articles, use the highlighter tool to highlight useful texts in the articles as well as save those for later reading.

Where to get eLearning App for Your Ecommerce Business?

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