The Application of Cell Phones in Schools in the Modern

The use of cell phones is widely practised in the modern era where every student possesses the desire to have them in their pockets of the uniform which has created a general buzz in the society. Due to which it has enhanced the malaise of the indecency and the immodesty in respect to the attitude of the students. Generally, it is perceived that the use of cell phones can violate the norms of the society which loots the system of the education.                                                                  Here are some of the effects of using cell phones in school.

1. Disruptive school environment:

Inside the classroom, the children are quite distractive from the lesson which includes texting, playing games and are calling people on a general basis. The use of the cell phone ringers, alarms and ring tones disrupt the flow of the lessons and the attention of every student and the teacher in the classroom which is quite annoying and disturbing, and as a result, the teacher feels a bit uneasy in delivering the lectures to the students. The National School Safety and the Security Service believes that the use of the text messages can be applied as a tool for cheating the students, the camera in the phone can be a catalyst in capturing the papers of the exam and other students which is the violation of the privacy.

2. Possible dangers exposed to children:

In the case of the school emergency, cell phones can be used to block the hindrance rather than it is treated as a big menace in society. In the modern era, there was a scenario of terrorism and disruption in the modern era. Therefore the use of the cell phones have been used as the great source of help and have been called in triggering the bomb threats under the red alert of having an explosive device in the vicinity of the schools. Moreover, the usage of cell phones can obstruct public safety personnel from controlling the event. Similarly, the parents can be further contacted to make them informed about the emergency.

The use of cell phones can create adverse situations in a real crisis. It has been already proved by the incidents of the World Trade Centre and the Columbines shootings where several students used their cell phones that can disturb the weaker situations and transformed into the panicky ones which have the team leads of the crisis teams, public safety personnel and school administrators.It gives rise to the transparency of the crisis and increases the chance of the tragedy.

3. Negative effects on sleep:

According to the research expertise of the Sahlgren Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden has conducted sleep research on the effects of cell usage on the sleep patterns of teenagers. The study focused on two groups- a group of the three men and seven women with comparison to the three men and eight women respectively. When the compared group is compared against the variable group, it is found out that the teenagers who have the excessive use of the cell phones have been diagnosed with the chronic restlessness which is caused by the number of factors. The factors include the overdose of the stimulant drinks, facing the difficulty in falling asleep, disrupted sleep and an inclination towards fatigue and the stress.

4.Getting low marks in the academics:

The increase in the use of cell phones has also led to a decrease in academic performance and satisfaction with a given instruction that students are not supposed to use cell phones in the class. A research was conducted on the sample of the college students and the college faculty of the Southeastern region of the United States where there is a diverse range of opinions from the social perspectives of the teachers and the students on the usage of the cell phones in the classroom. The results revealed that the majority of the teachers had been distracted by the use of the cell phones in the school and half of the students believed that the teachers had been distracted by the cell phones. It implies that the students who use cell phones can attain a low score in their academic performance. Moreover, it brings a negative impact on the healthy environment of the entire class and can act as a barrier to the high quality of the teaching.

5.The hiring of freelance writers:

The use of cell phones is quite prevalent in the modern era. Therefore, students get addicted to using the various mobile applications of smartphones. As a result, the students are reluctant in completing their assigned tasks in their daily life. Similarly, they hire the freelance writers who provide proficient essay service to the students of the high school. Therefore, they get their handy assignments from them.


It is proved that the broader application of cell phones has both positive and negative effects in the school. It depends upon the student that how he is using the cell phone as a source of the blessing or a distraction.


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