Technology Extension: 6 World’s Most Innovative Countries

Innovations and technologies have long penetrated all spheres of human life – from daily shopping in the supermarket and chatting with friends to the process of education and travel.

For example, now it’s very easy to rent a car online without any preliminary calls and visits to company offices. If you are going to visit Australia, Hertz at Sydney Airport will be a great solution for a trip.

You see that technical progress simplifies and facilitates our life, while making it more interesting and multifaceted. That’s why most young people would like to live in countries that are technologically advanced.

Of course, there are lovers of the original, or untouched world, however, hardly anyone can argue that the introduction of various innovations and technologies opens up new horizons for people in all spheres, including health care, art, construction, transport system, etc.

Those who want to always stay on the wave of progress need to check out the list of the 6 most innovative countries in the world…



The Australian economy is one of the most open and innovative in the world. Stable economic growth over the past decade has been combined with low inflation, attractive interest rates, as well as increase in production efficiency and labor productivity. The service sector and high-tech industries provide about 78% of Australia’s GDP.

Australian scientists have long glorified their country in such fields of science and technology as materials science, nanotechnology, electronics, photonics, energy, and quantum technologies. The fruits of their work can be found in a wide range of sectors of the economy: from agriculture and IT to health care and astronautics.



Switzerland is known for its huge annual investments in various designs, research and technical projects. On average, they amount to 16 billion francs per year. Year by year Switzerland is among the leaders in the rankings of innovative countries. This is not surprising, because it’s placed at the forefront of European, and even world science.

Switzerland is characterized by the openness of the research system, as well as the activity of enterprises in the field of innovation. By the way, here you’ll find the famous Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, where today 20 Nobel laureates teach in English!


Great Britain

Being the homeland of the industrial revolution, the Great Britain still remains one of the leading innovative countries in the world. By the way, it was here that the first television, electric motor and many other devices were invented.

Today, the country is actively investing money in technology, working also to improve the quality of life of ordinary citizens. The Great Britain develops the IT-sphere, creating new jobs for creative innovators from around the world.



Sweden is known as a country of widespread sights. This feature extends to the field of science and development – in Sweden, young talents and people with new, innovative thinking have great support. Here you can freely show your creativity and develop ideas. For example, this is confirmed by the histories of Ericsson and Skype.

In addition, the country has an excellently developed education system of international level. Local universities pay great attention to the teaching of technology and science using the latest equipment. By the way, precisely here in the laboratories were created many drugs that are now sold all over the world.



In recent years there has been a significant leap in the development of the infrastructure of the Netherlands, and today it can rightly be called one of the most advanced and innovative countries.

The technology industry and the creative industry are highly developed there, so a talented young professional who looks for the future will easily find work in Netherlands. Today, local projects are being promoted and developments are being performed that focus on world science and technology, and the local government pays great attention and support to the development of the relevant sectors in the country.



The United States is undoubtedly one of the world leaders in innovation and development. This country is inextricably linked with such corporations as Microsoft and Apple, and also with inventions that have changed the lives of people all over the world.

Despite the high competition, very broad prospects are opening up for young scientists and technicians in this country. In addition, it’s in America that the best universities in engineering and technology are located – MIT, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology and many others are among them.


What other countries are famous for innovations?

In addition to the above-mentioned destinations, a number of other countries can also be called highly developed in terms of technology and research.

In the international rankings based on such indicators as research work, production capabilities, level of education and innovation, the following countries are also found: Finland, Japan, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, etc.


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