Role of E-commerce Apps In Revolutionizing Your Business

As a newbie entrepreneur in the industry, you need to take advantage of all the opportunities that might help your business grow faster. Before the digital age, a division of labour and specialization used to be the only ingredients for success.

Things have changed though. Today, you don’t need to hire specialists to increase the overall efficiency. The e-commerce revolution has made it possible to achieve that goal with the best apps instead!

Why should you put your faith in an app, you ask? The most straightforward answer would be because they are easy to manage and so much cheaper! We have gathered some fantastic apps and app developers for you that will help you make informed decisions in different aspects of your business.  

Let us look at them one by one along with their functionality:

Lead capturing

Think of GrooveJar as your one-app army that combines the skills of getting leads and conversion. Use it right, and you might even increase your conversion rate by 3 percent! The app brings together 8 pop-up tools that can be used to capture the email addresses of potential customers visiting your site. They are all completely customizable so you can tweak them to suit your business needs.

GrooveJar has the potential to double your conversion rate. Its flagship tool, groove agent, can be used to connect with potential customers on a psychological level. It creates a sense of urgency that will urge visitors to visit your website to part with their email addresses. They do this in exchange for a discount or some other incentive.

Precise cross-selling  

Recommendify is a Shopify plugin that an online store can use for increasing cross-selling based on customer experiences. Use it to analyze which products your customers are most likely to buy from your website and increase the sales by 20%!

This app will take into account the ordering history of customers and then match it against the history of purchasing of other customers. If your business is part of a narrow, specialized niche, then you can even set up things manually.

If you need to identify the hot sellers from last month, this app enables you to see what’s hot right now. Speed up things by placing these products on the homepage, so the customers have to make minimal effort to add them to their shopping carts!

Outsourcing and virtual assistants

You can’t do everything yourself. Most entrepreneurs learn this lesson quite early. However, not all of them will have the budget to hire an assistant or hire an offshore development company. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then here are some apps that can help make things easier for you and support your e-commerce business in running smoothly:

  • Upwork – Need a reputable place where you can hire freelancers? This is what you want!
  • Fiverr – Starting from $5, you can find almost anything here.
  • Clarity – Stay in contact with the influencers and experts of your business niche with Clarity.

Need more? Then you’d better check out these fantastic apps from Airg reviews apps.

Filing taxes

TaxJar is the answer to the prayers of the businessmen who found out that they had to pay sales tax in all states where they conduct their business. Irrespective of where your business is based, the internet has made it possible for anyone to buy from your store. That’s why people in business are held to the e-commerce state tax laws or what is also known as the Amazon laws! According to these laws, you will have to file sales tax for all the states that you sell your products in.

Now there are already a million things chiming for your attention, and as an entrepreneur, you have to learn to prioritize. However, missing tax filing dates is on no one’s to-do list! Being an e-commerce entrepreneur, you might be spending more time collecting and calculating the taxes than you are on developing your business.

So, what do you do? Hire someone to take care of the taxes? Does your budget even allow you to do that at the moment? We didn’t think so either! That is why you need TaxJar. It will automate sales tax collection and filing. All you need to do is plug it into your online store and then watch its magic.

Time management

Entrepreneurs can compromise on many things. They might even condone financial loss because they are risk-takers. What is non-negotiable is wasting time! The entrepreneurial mindset considers the time to be its most valuable asset.

As a newcomer to your field, you can benefit from the most successful apps that look into important aspects like time management. They will keep your schedule clash-free and help you stay focused on what is important.

One such app is RescueTime, which monitors and records the time spent on applications and websites. If you want an accurate and thorough report on how productive your day was, then all you need is do Is to log in. RescueTime works for Android, Mac, PC, and Linux.

Another app known as OmniFocus is useful to keep track of deadlines. Stay ahead of overdue projects and tasks that are to be completed. Moreover, once you pull off a job, it will sync the lists between your phone and desktop! 

Staying Organized

For a small business owner like you, Evernote can be your best friend! As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your mind including many ideas and concepts. And anything can blossom in your brain at any given moment. So, what do you do when a revolutionary idea hits you in the middle of a meeting?

How do you share said information with your team members without having to pull them away from important work? This is where Evernote comes in. From making To-Do lists to sharing information, this app takes cares of it all!


E-commerce apps help you in adding value to your most important business functions in a hassle-free way. You can concentrate on your core business values and strategies and let the wand of these apps do the magic to your sales and revenue.

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