How to Prepare Your e-store For Year-end Sales to Boost Purchases

This year is about to end soon and the supreme time for exceeding profits is fast approaching. For an online store, every month has a set of targets to achieve, whereas the closing period of the year has to be the most profitable period of all. Therefore, the preparations have to be made accordingly.

Getting your e-store ready for the year-end sales may have to go through the basic checklist of enhancing the navigation and user experience for the end-users. However, the preparation shall proceed with more attractive deals and discounts.

The end of the year is marked with fund and joys. The families reunite and spend memorable moments, exchange gifts, and avail the whooping discount offers. Be part of their yearly celebrations with reduced pricing, discounts, and rewards.

Additionally, you can tweak the appearance of your eCommerce website a bit for the holidays to make the customers stay, explore more, and shop more. This post discusses some more techniques to get your stores ready for improves purchases and conversions.

Decorate your store with brilliant color palettes

Getting your store ready for the year-end store may not demand a complete design revamp, but tweaking it with a blend of colors relevant to the holiday reason. This can prove quite useful in engaging the users and letting them relate to the weather through the colors, theme, and appearance.

The common color combinations that are used for the year-end promotions are white, red, and green. It is up to you to blend any of these colors in the existing design of your website.

Personalize your product images

Your product images and photography play a vital role in making the customers realize about promotions and sales going on in the store. The end of the year is known to be the period of offers and discounts.

The customers expect every store to reduce the pricing to make it easier for everyone to shop around. You might also be offering rebates, but failing to communicate it on the product images may not bring you the target sales.

A pro tip to make the most out of the product images is the addition of labels with a custom design and text. To instantly add labels about promotions to product images, the merchants seek assistance from tools such as Magento 2 Product labels extension or any other plugin compatible to the eCommerce platform they have in use. With the help of such a tool, one can avoid the hassle of editing images of the entire catalog for the year-end promotions.

Allow Pre orders and Back Orders

With every closing year, people use to set new goals and resolutions for the coming year. They want to be prepared for the next year but do not want to miss on any of your new product. Why not allow pre-orders while enjoying them the holidays peacefully?

With pre-orders, they can actually pay for your products or services that are not available for consumption yet, whereas, in the absence of pre-ordering, they may devise another solution to their worries. With modules like pre order Magento 2, you can facilitate potential customers to place orders for upcoming products to get it as soon as it is available in the store rather than waiting for the launch and visiting the website repeatedly. The plugin also allows taking backorders for the products that are out of the stock but can be restocked soon.

Create product bundles

In a store, not every item is high in demand. The customers only place orders for the products they need the most and neglect the rest of the items. This may result in idle stock, which can easily be sold in the year-end purchases by creating product bundles.

Select a set of products that are frequently bought together. For example, lather (cream or gel), razors, shaving brush, aftershave lotion, face oil, and a bag to form a complete kit. Similarly, you can create a bundle of any single item like 3 brushes or 5 face oil bottles with subsidized prices to encourage purchases. Use the strategy to cross-sell and up-sell before the year closes.

Offer Daily Deals and Flash Sales

Daily Deals section is becoming a mandatory part of every eCommerce website as most of the people want to avail the discounts on their visit. Such a page is flooded with potential buyers in the holiday season, as they need to buy a lot of things but at a discount. The same page can be used for flash sales to depict great deals that are offered for the year-end season such as Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year.

Create a mechanism for cart abandonments

The higher cart abandonment rate means the customers are facing multiple difficulties in completing their purchases. For any technical issues, you can carry mock purchases to find any friction in the buyers’ journey.

Once fixing the design flaw, you can work on reducing cart abandonments with auto-reminders. The customers who somehow leave their purchases unfinished can be encouraged with offers they can never deny to return to complete their purchases. For this, Magento 2 Out of stock notification extension works like a charm as it automatically sends email reminders to the cart abandoners. Check success ratio of the email reminders so that the prices can further be dropped nearest to their expectations.

Extend your gratitude to remove cart abandonments with these strategies:

  • Discounts or free shipping
  • Accept order returns with ‘No Question Asked’ rule
  • Gift cards, coupons, and vouchers
  • Offer Wish List sales
  • Free packaging and personalization
  • Quick or same-day delivery

Final thoughts

It is the right time to start optimizing your online store for year-end sales, as there is no need to make last-minute changes. Prepare beforehand to let the customers know you are assisting them to enjoy their holidays and year-end with zeal and zest.

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