Four Common PPC Mistakes

There are many things you can do to have a successful online business PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is an effective to generate traffic and sales. PPC may seem quite easy to implement at first glance. In reality, many businesses spend thousands of dollars in just a few hours due to poorly optimized PPC campaign, wasting their money, while generating too little sales. If you get little results or even lose money with PPC advertising, these could be some of the reasons:

  1. Use home page as landing page: Regardless of what search engine you choose, it is important to make sure that people will reach the most relevant webpage. The page should contain answer to their questions and solutions to their problems. Even if the webpage is not your homepage, it could still serve as the front of your business. It is easier for potential buyers to walk through if you give them something they need. When people reach your homepage, they may not know where to go next and it will take time to find what they need. The webpage should be tied closely with specific keywords. This simple method will help you to significantly increase the level of satisfaction with your website and it’s likely for people to purchase your products.
  2. Generic ad copy: In reality, people don’t like to read direct advertising messages. If your landing page tries too hard to tell people to buy your products, it is likely that they will do otherwise. Even if these advertising messages are true and accurate, you need to do it more slowly. The headline of your webpage should be captivating and the body of the text should include primary keyword. Another critical element is information that is highly relevant and useful for your potential buyers. It is also a good idea to accurately define what sets your business apart from the competition.
  3. Low placement: If you don’t bid properly, it is possible that you don’t secure high enough placement. PPC service providers, such as Google and Yahoo use different criteria in determining the position of your ad. One mistake is if you don’t target your keywords tightly enough. You need to be particularly specific about your product and services to secure higher placement. If you want to get significant traffic, make sure that these keywords have enough search queries. If there are many competitors who bid for specific keywords, you may need to choose other keywords instead.
  4. Not testing the effectiveness of your ads: It is not a good thing if you let your advertising messages to remain in effective. You need to craft an advertising message that will encourage people to click. Google and other PPC service providers limit the number of characters that you can put in the advertising box. You should make a number of variations that may work the best and choose the one that may provide you with better results. Compare results between different variants of ads and we can call it as A/B or split testing. The indicator should be higher click through rate for an ad.
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