Best DIY Home Security Gadgets To Look For In 2019

Whether you are living in a rented property or you live in your own home, it is always smart to have a DIY home security device or gadget. These gadgets help you secure your loved ones and property. It is one of the wisest investments you can make for your home. It gets you the peace of mind and the sense of safety and security of your assets and those you care about. You can gauge a gadget’s compatibility with your needs and budget on different factors. For instance, there are security system companies that already have trained individuals that keep your home under 24 hours and 7 days a week basis watch for a monthly charge. If not, then they provide users with the surety to provide 100 percent response on an instant basis whenever there is a fault or discrepancy with the gadget or the kit provided to you by them. Here are a few DIY security gadgets and tools that can help you stay safe:


Fortress Security Store Wireless Security Alarm System:

After learning about this device, I am compelled that the security of your home and property doesn’t need you to waste all your money on different mainstream devices that claim more and provide less. Fortress Security Store provides users with several budgeted technologies that make your home security a difficult thing. Fortress S02 operates via a landline or a VOIP connection to dial-up and this would dial around 6 different phones when the alarm gets triggered in case an incident happens. The company doesn’t offer a 24/7 monitoring facility. Hence, you are not supposed to pay for any contracts or monthly charges. The kit offered with the device includes:


  • 1 x main controlling panel
  • 5 x sensors for your door and windows
  • 2 x Motion detecting devices
  • 1 x alarm that can send alerts of more than a 100-decibels
  • 2 key fobs that activate and deactivate the system,
  • 1 x panic alarm
  • 4 x Alarm Company sticks to warn intruders that there is a home security system installed.


If you want to cover a huge property, then you can always get more sensors. S02 system can support more than 95 alarm sensors divided into 32 wireless zones.


Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera:

This takes less than an instant to get set and ready to go. Nest Cam is a Wi-Fi-based security camera by Nest. The nest was the creator of the first smart thermostat. All you need to do is to set up the camera to an electronic supply and download the app. After you get connected to the Wi-Fi, you will be getting free access to High Definition video throughout. The device has the capacity to provide you with audio coverage so that you may be able to listen to the activity going around in your home and talk anyone present with the camera’s vicinity. There’s more to it. The Nest cam can work with the amazing Amazon Alexa. The good part is, when you leave your home, the automatic video streaming starts of. You can do this with the Home/Away Assist function. As soon as you walk out of your door the Nest Cam sends you notifications about the movement or sounds to you. You can watch updates of up to 3 hours. For getting smart alerts, you need to subscribe to Nest Aware subscription.



The Canary All-in-One Home Security Device:

This is an easy to set up and affordable device that doesn’t charge you on a monthly basis for alarm alerts. It protects your home without charging you on your monthly bill. Also, it helps you to keep an eye on things for you if you have this in your living area. This device works for me using Internet services by Spectrum. All you need to do is plug it into an electric outlet and connect the Canary to your Wi-Fi.


EZVIZ Mini O 720p Indoor Mini Wi-Fi Camera:

Camera sensors and wireless connectivity are very useful when it comes to affordable security measures Likewise, EZVIZ Mini O helps you get the best security using a standalone unit that can rest on a flat surface. For better coverage and better security, the camera can rest on a higher location in your home. This will get a better view of things from above your head. You can handle Camera settings from any location using a downloadable app. The camera is IFTTT-compatible and you can use it along with other devices or program it via commands to get advance and automatic functions.


Home security and home security devices have gone to a whole new level. Select any of these amazing devices that will be a great help for you when it comes to protecting your home in 2019. Stay safe and protected using one of the above-mentioned devices today!

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