10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use AI To Perform Better In Business Marketing

Use of AI in Business


If we explain it in the most precise manner, artificial intelligence is a machine-powered program designed to enhance a human’s problem-solving experience with the key functions of understanding, learning, interpreting, and reasoning. According to Spiceworks (a research firm), 30 percent of businesses will invest in AI by the end of the year 2018, up from 13 percent in 2017. (Source) This is a highly functional tool if applied correctly to the arena of business and business marketing can do wonders. Therefore, here comes the entrepreneur’s readiness to obtain productive results from this powerful marketing solution.

Thus, to help those stepping in the world of business and e-commerce, we have listed the top 10 ways in which the business starters/ beginners can use AI to back up their marketing techniques.

How to do AI-powered business marketing?

  1. Use AI-integrated tools like the chatbots on your website

The number one trend on our list (which you have already seen on a lot of websites) is the integration of the chatbots to the websites. These automatic, talkative robotic popups guide the visitors on the website, solve their query, offer customer support 24/7 and greatly improve the navigation of the website. TechEmergence suggests that chatbots will become the number one consumer applications of artificial intelligence in the coming years. (Source)

  1. Optimize your ad campaigns through AI for improved marketing

You can use AI to revolutionize your marketing and sales department by optimizing the ad campaigns. The AI uses the data to target and match the people with similar features and helps in optimizing the ad campaign according to the demographics and the best audience. It also guides you where to place the ad on the web to achieve more traffic and increased ROI.

Another way of marketing on the e-commerce website is to add recommendations on the e-commerce website design of your brand. These recommendations are AI-driven and only made once the AI program goes through the search and order history of the visitor. It then offers a specific recommendation to the visitor thus improving marketing efforts. All these techniques help marketers by giving a potential boost to PPC campaigns and advertisement programs.

  1. Automate the desired marketing channel

Marketing on each channel like Google, Facebook, and other social media networks vary in the response that it gets from the visitor. And so, the type of content, images, call to actions and videos marketed on these channels vary too. By integrating artificial intelligence in this sector, you can add different experiences to the learning algorithm and thus, allow more specific, an upcoming marketing campaign for each channel.

  1. Manage the business’s profit and loss

The business’s profit and loss depend highly on the marketing strategy and campaign as well, right? AI technology can help marketers read through a huge volume of data and produces facts and figures that can be used for marketing purposes. For example, you can leverage the data about your competitors and the ways they opt for marketing and create more cost-effective marketing and selling models. When used correctly, AI definitely optimizes the business’s yield.

  1. Target wider range of audience with the help of AI

Well, so far, we have seen that AI and data go well along, don’t they? Quoting Mark Simpson, VP of offering management at IBM Watson Marketing, “AI has the capacity to create richer, more personalized digital experiences for consumers, and meet customers’ increasingly high brand expectations.”(Source) This is only possible if the marketers of your brand reach the target audience which would enjoy this personalized experience, right? AI helps here by identifying the gaps in your audience targeting map via the historical data on the website. You can spot these areas and then improve them by reaching out to a more refined group of audience.

  1. Perform supply chain and inventory management seamlessly

Although this application of AI is still under development, it should be mentioned here. The marketing and sales department can hugely benefit from letting AI-based applications make decisions regarding supply chain and inventory management. With the help of algorithms learned, automating refilling requests and optimizing supply chain has become possible.

  1. Offer an AI integrated buyer’s guide to the visitors

The technology under discussion greatly improves marketing communications as well by offering the buyer’s guide to the audience. In this, the natural language is usually coupled with the digital assistant that helps customers find the product according to their specifications and desires. Different applications are used for this purpose. A mobile app powered by Watson, the AI computer of IBM, was launched by North Face recently and according to VentureBeat, around 50, 000 people who tested the app rated it a 2.5 out of 3 scores. (Source)

  1. Enhance your content creation and offer precise and productive product reviews

When it comes to marketing, the visual and written content is what directs the customers towards the increase of the sales. The AI is implemented here to find out trends and patterns from the huge volume of visitor activity data in order to devise a more promising content strategy.  Once the user behavior is tracked, the information can be used to find out more specific keywords and customer interactions for the content.

  1. Invest in AI-driven multivariate testing

A plethora of e-commerce website designs is tested before one of them is finalized and selected for the brand. The testing helps by ensuring that a good website with high marketing potential is created by the designers. And when you have a series of ideas for the website design, it is always good to go for the AI-driven multivariate testing which allows you to test hundreds of different designs at a time. This way you’ll quickly find the yielding design, manage to engage more online customers and increase the number of conversions by offering excellent online experiences.

  1. Remarket with the help of email automation

There are a lot of visitors who abandon the website and their wish carts but might leave behind their contacts in the form of an email address in the newsletter subscription form. With the help of AI technology, you can remarket the product and provide product information to these customers once in a while. The benefit of using AI-powered email automation is that it sends email to the targeted customers instead of spreading the message to the whole mass of people.

Words of wisdom:

As a lot of different trends are emerging in the world of marketing and business, there is a dire need for entrepreneurs to understand the advancements in the techs like AI and machine learning. The laser focus on such trends and in-depth learning and implementation of the ways like mentioned above helps a lot in improving business marketing.

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